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Welcome to Building Muscle Secrets, a site aimed mainly but not exclusively at those who, no matter what they do, really struggle to gain weight and put muscle on. Some people may be envious but only you know the frustration of remaining skinny despite trying so hard. It may even depress you to the extent that you’re ashamed of your body and what you look like.

So it can be difficult for the hardgainer but it’s not the end of the world. With a bit of determination and the correct bodybuilding training and nutrition plan to suit your own metabolism a lot can be achieved.  And don’t forget that because you have the advantage of having no body fat, any muscle that you can put on will be more apparent due to the amount of muscle definition you have.

To get started the first thing you need to do to build muscle is to exercise and that means lifting weights. It is possible to build muscle with bodyweight exercises but it is much more difficult and can take a lot longer. Lifting heavy weights purposely stresses your muscles, and damages minute fibres.  But with the correct diet and plenty of rest the muscle recovers and comes back even stronger.  After a few weeks of this your muscles will be much larger and more defined than when you started. You now become even more motivated and you’re on the way to success!

So this is the broad outline of what needs to happen but to dive in to the absolute specifics of the type of training exercises to be undertaken, the diet plans that ensure you take in the correct quantity and quality of calories and to discuss how much rest and recovery is required we have to dig a little deeper.

To help out with this we have prepared a special report that you can download for FREE below which gives you 7 secrets to Gain Weight and Build Muscle FAST particularly if you are a hardgainer.

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